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We encourage you to take the first steps in improving your life and moving towards a much healthier and happier state of being and we will be delighted to help you along this path. Please click on the payment tab as per your requirement and fill in the details on the contact us page. We shall contact you within 24 hours and schedule an appointment. Please bear in mind that appointments usually take a week from the time you contact us.

Since we are an APPOINTMENT ONLY establishment, we are flexible and able to meet you as per your schedule and necessity.

Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology
and Pranic healing with Vijay

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$250 Weekdays at the center 9 AM -5 PM and $275 for appointments after 5 PM on weekdays, and weekends. Appointment duration is 2 hours.

$450 For home visits weekdays from 9 AM – 5 PM and $475 for appointments after 5 PM on weekdays, and weekends. Appointment duration is 2 hours.

Vedic Astrology 1 hour session $ 150 per person. Please send your time of birth, date of birth and place of birth at least one day in advance.

Please be prepared with your birth details including place, date and time PRIOR to meeting Vijay. If it is a consultation at the center, please bring a floor plan of the house you live in or are going to purchase. This is a very interactive session and you may ask as many questions and concerns you have and you shall be provided guidance based on the principles of Feng Shui, Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra.

Subsequent visits are $100 for an hour.

Intuitive guidance with Jennifer

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1 hour appointment

$ 125 Weekdays at the center 9 AM -5 PM and $150 for appointments after 5 PM on weekdays, and weekends from 10AM – 4PM

*Home visits only for people with special needs/ physical disabilities that render people unfit to travel and an extra charge applies. These appointments are only during business hours and in the presence of an additional person from Mystic Mandala.

For appointments with Jennifer, kindly find enough time for yourself so that you are not rushed in your schedule and are fully able to experience the guidance you get without being over whelmed by either your schedule or your planned activity prior and post your appointment.

*A six session package with Jennifer is usually what we recommend our clients, spread over 6 consecutive weeks with a total cost of $600

Ayurveda Consultation with Vaishali

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1 hour appointment

An initial appointment for Ayurveda will help you understand your Prakriti, Vikruti and Doshas and as a follow up, she will provide you with a Body type based diet chart and recipes, Dincharya or day to day optimum living, and guidance on herbal supplements. This initial consultation is $125

Subsequently, You may take a monthly package which includes breath work, Yoga Asanas per body type, Mudras, herbs and oils and (optional additional charge) Sharir Abhyanga, Neti, and other preventative self- health care tips. Costs are based on individual requirements and range between $250 - $300 per month all inclusive with 3 visits per month.

For appointment with our other healers please call 9727501419 as they have limited availability.

Yoga Sessions with Erin Sowmya

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1 hour appointment
$120 an hour at the center on Mondays 10am - 4pm and Tuesdays 1:30pm - 4pm

Appointments will include the following unless a client discloses that one of these practices is not suited for them: Yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and Japa Yoga (mantras).

* Prior to showing up for your Yoga sessions, please make sure that you are wearing comfortable enough clothing that you have full range of motion in and please do not eat 1 hour before session (a piece of fruit is ok) as it may disrupt digestion.

* An eight sessions package with Erin is usually what we recommend for our clients spread over 6-8 weeks. Purchasing this package will total $800 instead of $960 if bought individually.