About Us

The anomalies of modern lifestyles are becoming exponentially destructive and more and more people are turning to Eastern approaches to redress this imbalance. The Mystical Ancient Arts of Feng Shui and Vastu help us create and restore balance in our lives by simply guiding us on the placements of objects, pleasant additions and removing certain elements of blockage which hamper the flow of Chi or Prana through our homes and our lives. Combined with the healing and restorative guidelines of Ayurveda and herbs, we can make the most of our bodies. Through our bodies we will experience this world and everything that comes in this life span and it is up to us to take care of ourselves so that we may continue to be healthy and happy. The ancient principles of Ayurveda help us to attain that and much more. Avenues of Yoga improve the flow of prana through our lives and help us to attain higher levels of health and consciousness.

Vijay Warman

Vijay Warman is the founder of the Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness – An event to celebrate life and wellness, Mystic Mandala – A holistic center and metaphysical store in Plano, The Festival of Colors – The largest Color party in Dallas and promotes several musicians, dance troupes and concerts from South Asia each year. From large event gatherings to weekly “Sangha lunches” at his studio, his focus is to build and support community while furthering his own practice of Feng Shui, Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra. He also hosts a radio show on 104.9FM called SUFI ROCKERS and manages Dhyana Yoga Center and the monthly free publication Mystic Mandala Experience
Vijay@Holisticfestivaloflife.com | 972-750-1419 | www.MysticMandala.guru | www.DhyanaYogaCenter.com

Jennifer Rae

Jennifer Rae is a Natural Healer and Intuitive Guide, working with the mind, body, and spirit to balance her client’s energetic field to align with their higher selves. Jennifer Rae’s approach to divine, whole-life healing began when she was young. As an intuitive girl, she discovered the world of personal healing through her own struggles with physical, mental, and spiritual traumas. Her journey led her to discover that the human soul has unending potential to awaken and heal. Jennifer has honed her gifts through years of training and mentoring with spiritual master teachers. She incorporates intuitive counseling, spiritual life coaching, energetic repatterning, and meditation techniques into her healing practice. She blends years of training with support and guidance from Spirit into a special alchemy that enables her to profoundly impact her clients’ lives. As a result, Jennifer is a highly sought-after intuitive healer. www.JenniferRaeHealing.com | 469-401-4777

Kapil Bhaskar

Kapil is the key person for healing and psychic work for Mystic Mandala from India.His intuitive abilities help to reach the core of problems and he heals not only the problem but the underlying issues as well.
He is the force and founder of Anubhuti of InnerSelf. He has been on a spiritual journey with The Masters since more than two decades. Blessed by Adi Gurus, Spiritual Guides and Masters (who visited him out of their body form), Kapil has a deep understanding of the human psyche and has divine clarity on both esoteric and non esoteric issues. Having received divine guidance, his knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters goes beyond books and comes from anubhuti... experience. A multi faceted personality, Kapil is a powerful healer, a prolific writer, a counselor par excellence. Highly articulate, he debunks myths and conditioned beliefs and theories propounded by self proclaimed guardians of orthodoxy, to help people connect with their true self. Through his workshops, talks and one on one healing and counselling sessions he has guided and helped countless people. His radical interpretations of spiritual and religious dogmas existing amongst the masses has transformed the lives of all those who have chosen to associate themselves with him. He helps people to identify, address and articulate emotional pains, affliction and spiritual maladies so they are able to access their inner wisdom. He is, indeed, a true interpreter of maladies. Kapil is a mentor and has devised his own meditation programs and healing modalities which have benefited people all over the world.


Vaishali has been helping people in the Dallas Fort Worth metro now for the past 5 years with the principles of Ayurveda. Growing up in Northern India where natural cures were a part of her growing up and pursuing her Ayurveda studies from Rishikesh, it has become her life-long endeavor to make holistic health an integrated part of modern living for her clients.Alongwith the detailed guidelines, she also teaches Body Type Yoga Asanas, Neti, Abhyanga and so much more. She does not encourage store bought ayurvedic products and specializes in preparing herbs as per the body type requirements alongwith providing diet charts and Dincharya based on Prakriti and Vikruti.

Erin Sowmya

Erin is a Yoga teacher that believes compassionate service helps to alleviate the pain of those who are suffering but its greater value lies in purifying the minds & hearts of those who render it. Erin focuses on asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control) specific to each client’s needs to help with the physical and/or mental ailments he or she may be challenging in their day to day lives. Erin first came to Yoga for the fitness benefits and was hoping that it would help with her ongoing health concerns but then after a few years of practicing, she realized that the exercise involved in Yoga was just a nice side effect of the practice. Through asana, pranayama and meditation she was able to turn her health completely around and has seen positive changes in every part of her life since then. Yoga is not just a job for her. It is her hobby, her passion and her practice for life.

Ashley Ray

Ashley Ray, LCSW, is an Integral Social Worker and Psychotherapist that has been working with persons suffering from severe and persistent mental health issues for over 12 years. She takes an integrative approach to healing and developing the mind, body, heart and spirit. She also serves as the Clinical Manager of a 24/7 Crisis Hotline and a crisis services project that provide assessment, treatment planning and intervention to the behavioral health population within the Dallas County jail and the psychiatric ER. Additionally, she is the Director of Program Screening and Student Wellness for the program, “Inspire Education”, between India and the United States. She served in the United States Peace Corps. She is a practitioner of over 12 years of Iyengar Yoga and meditation, and is involved in multiple local projects that are designed to build the yoga and consciousness community in the Dallas area.

Anju Bhaskar

Anju Bhaskar is a holistic healer & clairvoyant. She is a certified Theta Healer from THinK, USA and an angel therapist. Anju provides distance healing on physical, emotional and mental health issues. She resolves past life issues and karmic connections which helps removing blockages from the past lives which are impediments to your present life. She also specializes in healing of relationship problems, child issues, problems and other emotions like anger, fear, depression etc. and issues which are often deep rooted from the fetus stage. With an experience of around ten years, her forte lies in treatment of incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain etc. Her patients have experienced miraculous healings after receiving healing from Anju.